A measurement of Doppler frequency shift is one of the important phenomenons in medicine. According to Doppler phenomenon direction of blood flow, blood velocity of Red blood cell and Doppler angle decided the value of Doppler frequency shift. Measurement of blood flow is one of the important diagnosis technique, represent the function of heart and blood vessels either narrowing of obstacle in it. The velocity blood changes automatically Doppler shift changes automatically Doppler shift changes. In this way identify the disease and morbidity of the heart or Brian in any part of the body. Present Doppler ultra sound system has been in every hospital and diagnostic center. By using this system measurement of blood flow velocity Doppler shift for different Doppler angles with different frequency ranges for normal and abnormal condition. In abnormal condition taken as patient suffering with carted artery stenosis. This artery supply enriched oxygen blood to the Brian the experiment done with five different blood vessels are carotid artery, Aorta, Extra jugclarenecevs, Inferior vena Ceva, and capillary vessels. Finally we found that the frequency sift changes with change in velocity of blood and also change with Doppler angle and transmitted frequency and the frequency shift increased with velocity as blood increases also increase with transmitted frequency but decreases with angle of incidence and also found that positive shift frequency gives the direction of blood towards the transducer and negative shift gives frequency direction of blood flow direction away to the transducer and we also found that which angle between Doppler probe gives normal value of the blood vessels.